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Thursday Feb 25th, 2016

Thursday Feb 25th, 2016
Mayapur, India

Heavy Rains

Heavy rains had come the night before leaving pools, puddles, and minor flooding.  You had to watch where to walk.  An outdoor shopping mall with devotional paraphernalia could not be accessed.  It was one big mud river, so it seemed.  The mall was set up as a tempting maze. It was the route to the food.

The food - oh yes - the food.  It comes across as delicious each time.  During the ABM an extra 1300 people need to be fed.  The prasadam (sanctified food) draws the crowds twice a day.  I get the chance to walk from table to table and connect with the South Americans, Chinese, Africans, Europeans, Indians, and even the Americans.

I enjoyed the seminars on rural living and how to get there, as well as a seminar on
guru/discipleship.  I also received, from the maze I was talking about, a copy of the annual Padayatra news.  From a booth, Gaurangi, from France handed me the glossy journal.

Overseeing this publication is Lokanath Swami, a monk from India.  He is credited for
conducting padayatras (walking festivals) in India and around the world.  There’s a forty-year history of these events which usually includes a bullock cart and a party of walking chanters.

It was Lokanath who told me of the Padayatra journal featuring this humble servant on the cover. Actually he told me, “You are left, right, and centre.”  The main story is the feature of my walk in the north-east of the USA last fall.

What an honour this is!

May the Source be with you!

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