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Friday, February 19th, 2016

Friday, February 19th, 2016                                                                          
Mayapur, India


I had a set plan for walking once we arrived at the Mayapur retreat, an annual retreat which includes pilgrim trips to the regional area, kirtan sessions, drama presentations, and AGM meetings.  The walk got cancelled in place of an emergency - meeting-something which occurs from time to time.  The call of duty comes first.

Once freed from dutiful tasks one gravitates to one's love.  In my case it's assembling young folks and engaging them in theatrical practice.  The samadhi auditorium, where we practice, practically becomes a gym.  We were engaged in stretching and loosening up limbs all in preparation for an action-filled, high-energy performance.

But before all this physical stuff was set in motion I did spend my time in brahminical moments.  It was Vaisesika, friend and motivational speaker (no less a devotional one), who gained a captive audience in the outdoor grounds of the householders' district.  There he spoke about key words that have everything to do with a person's spiritual advancement.

For instance both the noun and the verb "deliberate" have substantial relevance to a devotee's life. To be “deliberate" in our intentions is to have strong conviction. To "deliberate" is to be analytical and to be introspective, a rather necessary probing into oneself.  Both words appear to have some co-relation.

After deliberating on a matter you should become deliberate in what needs doing.  And what needs doing is to get serious about our Krishna Consciousness.

May the Source be with you!

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