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Sunday, March 27th, 2016

Sunday, March 27th, 2016
Durban, South Africa

The Japa Gang

There is a regular group of us, a non-official japa mob, which takes to circling the temple in the morning. I use the word mob, (maybe gang is more appropriate) to indicate that we are a dangerous lot.  Armed with a mantra, we are committed to declaring war on the illusion of our own world.  When you bond together, to get down to business, it produces a positive end result.

Sadbhuj, a monk I've known from Germany, came to join our walking crew and after an hour of the forward move on two fronts – the physical trekking and the spiritual chanting – he remarked, “this is a good program!”   

I'm dying to know the type of birds that fly over us.  They are of different breeds from those I am familiar with.  I asked the “gang” if anyone has heard a loon before.  “No!”

“Well, Google it.”

His cry is the most haunting/mystical sound you'll ever have heard on earth.  It's a sound of eeriness, reassurance and calmness all wrapped in one.  Check it out!  I've never really heard Krishna playing His flute, but I would say that nature is cutting it close when you hear this bird show off.

Many hours were spent, not with the japa mob (that occupied one hour) but with our drama crew working hard to première the play “Mr Puri.”  It highlights a monk who’s trekked hundreds of miles.  He travelled a lot, and with a heavy load of sandalwood for his worshippable deity Gopal. Our troupe did marvellous.  This is a real passion for me – putting together stories in theatrical format, apart from walking and listening to the loon.

May the source be with you!

7 km

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