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Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016
Winnipeg, Manitoba

A Will and a Prayer

I had just arrived in Winnipeg and it was at the airport that I had my first meaningful exchange with anyone, and that was after I climbed into Daruka’s car.  A man at the pickup area approached us at the side of the car after I shut the door.  In an urgent state this man indicated that he wanted to say something before Daruka pressed on the gas pedal. I opened the door.

“I believe in the power of prayer.  Can you say a prayer for my 34 year old son undergoing surgery today?” he asked, although I’m a total stranger.  I asked the man for his son’s name and his condition in order to make that personal appeal to Krishna to honour the patient for his ultimate welfare.

Daruka, being my support person on 1 ½ times across Canada, is the perfect guy to take a stroll with and catch up on pedestrian memories.  We were passionate about getting soft and near to muddy trails along the Assiniboine River that runs through the city of Winnipeg.  With his blue front Amazon pet parrot perched on his shoulder, and I being the monk attired person that I am, we apparently excited a young guy by the name of Will who was in some way doing what we were – seeking some tranquility by the river and catching a view of the odd log or goose adrift.

Will spontaneously blurted out in amazement, “This is meant to be!”  Free spirit that he is, he was standing there shirtless and revealing an array of tattoos, including an ‘OM’ insignia on his torso.  He expressed, “We are all one.”  I didn’t disagree with the ecstatic young man, but I ventured to say, “Sri Chaitanya was a great teacher, who explained, ‘All is one and different’.”  I also expressed that in Sanskrit, and he tried to follow me with the proper pronunciation, and he did so with 95% success.  We chatted on.  We then parted, but before doing so, we exchanged hugs, and Billie the parrot offered a bow of his head.

Will carried on the path and left us with saying, “Where there’s a Will, there’s a will.”

May the Source to be with you!

10 km

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