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Saturday, February 27th, 2016

Saturday, February 27th, 2016
Mayapur, India

A Change

It was a nice change.  I had been sitting in seminars and sinking in my chair during
administrative meetings.  The seminars were stimulating.  Lokanath Swami and Hari Bhakti led one on proper Sanskrit pronunciation and traditional melodies.  I had dreamt that such an arrangement would materialize.

Well it has!

Also, my friend from the UK, Krpamoya, led a seminar 'The Guru and How Spiritual Teachers Fit or do Not Fit into an Institution.'  Gurus can be quite independent unless guided and blessed by their peers.  That's where the topic became interesting.  When John Lennon spoke to our guru, Prabhupada, about spiritual masters - the conversation led to ‘what makes a guru bona fide?’ and one of the best tests to ensure authenticity is that he talks and lives every moment for the Supreme.

What really made me feel that I was a bit off-the-grid, of hearing and listening at seminars and meetings, was giving a presentation myself.  At the courtyard of a condo block I was invited by Noam from Israel to chant, speak, and take some great middle-eastern food.

For openers we chanted and then read theatrically from the book, 'Krishna.'  The evening was stirring with winds picking up as we sat in the courtyard.  It simply added to the dramatic effects.

After so many hours of hearing you feel rather driven to deliver, hence we have the program of shravanam (hearing) and then kirtanam (delivery).

May the Source be with you!

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