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Saturday, March 5th, 2016

Saturday, March 5th, 2016                                                                                
Mayapur, India

Bhakti Light

Today was ekadasi a day to fast from grains.  Most important about it is to enhance your devotional output.  I was pleasantly surprised by the grain replacement offered today on the menu- buckwheat dosas. Yes, buckwheat is not considered a grain.  That, in dosa format, supposes the flavour of a regular dosa. Ours was served with potato-and-nut filling.  A beautiful discovery!

To look at the enhanced devotion I did not have to strain myself thinking of what "extra" I had done.  For the last three days I made an appeal on the microphone and over Mayapur TV airwaves for a crowd, an actual good cross-section of different people- African, American, Chinese, Indians, blacks, whites, male, and female- to show up as a chanting party for an upcoming documentary "Acharya."

As requested, people turned up at 4PM.  The local young monks, gurukulis, were on their regular slot for singing, and all that was missing at the venue, the Radha Madhava temple, was the group of responders and dancers.  The outcome was one displaying the epitome of a bunch of happy Hare Krishnas.  This was what film-maker, Yadubar, wanted.

It was neither an austerity to put together, nor was it a chore to be part of the session, in dancing with the crew! Yadubar had asked beforehand that I depict the group.  This was not necessary since those who showed up were on automatic pilot.

I also accepted lunch at Maha-Shringha's home where I read a segment of "Krishna" book and partook in kirtan with a kirtan band, "The Maya-puris." Food was light because that is what ekadasi is much about; increased services and being easier on the belly.

May the Source be with you!

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