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Wednesday, March 30th, 2016

Wednesday, March 30th, 2016
Flacq, Mauritius

Cutting Short the Life

Here in Mauritius the health department is right on top of things.  When you enter the country at customs you show that you’ve filled-out a yellow slip, which you sign to confirm both where you've been recently, and what might be any physical issue for you.

I indicated on my slip that I have no ailments, but given the fact that I was recently in India and Africa, a nice man from the health unit came to follow up at the household I'm staying.  A blood sample he did take.  No phone call from him would be a good sign.

For my health I took that trek from Flacq and let my host and some other local followers of bhakti lead the way through the town and outskirts, which are mostly sugar cane fields.  Admittedly, after a day in the air or in airports, addressing one’s life-span is important. 

With the same group, we sat after walking to review a verse from the book, Bhagavatam. While reading a chapter entitled “the passing away of Bhisma,” what captivated us all was some hopeful epiphany, the remark in the verse that Krishna's mere glance at the Kauravas shortened their duration of life.  Luckily for the Kaurava army, the bad guys, their life was abbreviated.  More days of existence would mean more offences to the public.  More offences means more bad karma.  Krishna, in the form of the Health Department, decided that a virus had to be eradicated.  The Kauravas lost lives, big time, in the war at Kuruksetra.

May the source be with you!

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