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Thursday, April 7th, 2016

Thursday, April 7th, 2016
Toronto, Ontario

Two Conversations

Yesterday I had been at the line up for seeing Customs when coming back into Canada, and just as there were about 5 people in the cue before me, the young fellow behind me, tall and Afro background, asked,

“Are you a monk?”


“What do you have to do to be one?”

“There are some disciplines to follow, but they can be a lot of fun.”

“Sounds okay, but in my case there’s things I’d like to do before I get strict with myself.”

I responded with a, “Why not consider being a monk before getting worldly?  That way you’ll regulate the pleasures of life and not get so extreme with it all.  It’s best to put the horse before the cart.”

The Customs officer demanded my attention, so the conversation ended with the chap, but on smiling, appreciative terms.

That’s about the only walking I can report on for the day.

Another great conversation, short and sweet, occurred today between Mary and I, while I was sitting in Govinda’s, a dining facility situated within our temple/ashram.  People know that our building was a former church.  Mary came for a take-out at Govinda’s, but it was not her first visit to the building.

“I used to go to Sunday school in this building.  My parents got married here.”

“Oh, when?”

“They got married in ’52.”

“That’s remarkable.” 

And indeed we found it both astounding that she had gone full circle as far as a visit is concerned.  I hope she comes back again.

May the Source be with you!

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