Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016
Mayapur, India

Coming Together

The local dentist, Keshava, who resides for some time with us in Canada, arranged a get-together for bhakti-yogis from Canada.  It’s an annual reunion.  It bonds us as a unit in a small segment of the globe.

We know that the ultimate end our true identity is one of being a spirit soul.  'I am not this body.' I ultimately have no ties with race, gender, creed, or nationality.  Still at the same time while we roam through this world, in this body, there is an identity related to the land in which we are born.

It is hoped that every individual contributes to the land in which we live.  There is an expectation to fulfill some obligation; whether one is a spiritual seeker or not.  The relative practical reality is that we have a body which is conditioned in some way.

So here we are, a few people who came together-- people who are karmically linked-- to do some spiritual things in union. We ate prasadam together. We chanted together. We chatted. We had a good time.

The Russians do it, the Bengalis do it.  The Chinese do it, etc.  Why shouldn't those from the land of the maple leaf come together?

We all look for reinforcements in life.  Even those on the spiritual path require
encouragement. You do not advance on just your own strength.

When walking this morning I was considering the mechanics of my body, especially the legs, and how that part of my anatomy has so many components, each component assisting another. Even my eyes have to be somewhat watching what's ahead.  If there's a depression or a pothole on the way, when I see it coming I will connect with the brain and hence make adjustments in the mechanical operation of things.  These are all helpers.

Comradery is essential in achieving a surge of inspiration.  Assistants or helpers are there for us to take advantage of.

May the Source be with you!

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