Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Tuesday, March 8th, 2016

Tuesday, March 8th, 2016                         
Mayapur, India

Getting Frail and Strong                

My dear friend, Agnidev, fainted at Govinda’s Restaurant last night evening after a successful lead of chanting at the Kirtan Mela.  So, the rumour has it.  It’s unknown to some of us the cause for this beautiful singer’s collapse.  Exhaustion?  Dehydration?  I hope he’s alright.

One thing is for sure-the body is frail.  I had the pleasure to conduct a sanga for senior devotees, some who are under care and are ‘wheel-chaired.’  Where our discussion went to was ails from trails.  I told of our blissful encounter with seniors of “Golden Pond” in Massachusetts last fall and how they were doing their version of aerobics.  The instructor wondered if I could do some mentoring in that department, we ended up doing “the Swami Swerve”, a fun concoction of moves.

The lending with these devotional folks who were listening to the tales and mantras was very real.  It was a presentation of a slower nature.  Because of age and some impaired hearing, I spoke with volume up, slower and enhanced articulation.

A planned trip across the Jalanghi River did fructify just before the sun downed itself.  The group of us from Canada and those from Poland to guide us, took to the village streets with kirtan.

Maha Shringha is the name of the devotee who led us through the modes homesteads.  He is so much loved by the rural Bengalis of the area.  For twenty years now he has connected with the locals through food, fun and friendship.  He knows an astounding number of people, all rather simple and sweet.  It is equally impressive that he knows the townsfolk, so many by their individual names.

After zig-zagging through the streets with our mantra, a drum player, and singers on foot, we ended the kirtan at the home of Bhakti Devi who worked a fabulous meal at her home.

Great people! Great hospitality! Great day! Great night!

May the Source be with you!

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