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Thursday, April 21st, 2016

Thursday, April 21st, 2016
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Purple Gaze

The colour purple suddenly flashed into people’s faces.  Popular musician, Prince, passed away and, as far as I know, his fans affiliate him with that hue.  I confess that I’m fairly ignorant of the pop star for two reasons.  Number one, he’s after my time.  I joined the renounced order at age 20 in 1973.  As far as I know, Prince was unknown at the time.  Secondly, as a monk you just don’t go and pursue that genre of music or stage performance.

Bless his soul, though.

It was just interesting, and likely not a coincidence, that one of our guests at a home program tonight was all in purple.  It was not intentional for this person whom I met once before, goes by the name of Purpley Pauline.  She regularly dons herself in this colour-- that’s just her.  At the home of Visvambara and Mahasundari, a small group of us were discussing the story of Prince Dhruva, which is really a story about determination.  Purpley Paulina was really enjoying it.

I can see that Paulina is a determined person with her shades of purple, including her hair, hat, and lipstick.  She was very consistent in this.  I just didn’t peer in detail at the rest.  I could appreciate her listening skills, her willingness to sing along with us, and her relishing the simple pasta that we had on hand as our meal.

When chanting with Purpley Paulina, I did not bother to ask her about her preference of colour.  We stuck to the issue of Krishna Consciousness, and the need to paint our life with the various colours of the rainbow, the full spectrum of the various ways to serve the self (the soul) to service in Krishna.

May the Source be with you!

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