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Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Today, It’s Krishna and Buddha

Toronto, Ontario

A young oriental newspaper boy tossed his paper in the air to land on a homeowners concrete steps. He retreated back to his delivery car when we greeted each other. Then his question came. “Are you a Buddhist? “

“I am Krishna, Hare Krishna!”

“You are Christian?”, was his doubtful inquiry.

I went on to clarify.

In the ravine two hours later on foot again I had taken with me a monk from Assam who looks like Buddha. Referring to the naturalness of the place I remarked that it is better than Vrndavan, the green rural place of Krishna’s upbringing. While there we noticed only men jogging. It gave us a feeling that’s it’s men’s day which is a change. Usually women run and men cycle. Not today.

Significant too today was the anniversary day of Srila Prabhupada , our guru’s walking up the planked ramp to embark on the Jaladuta oceanliner to come to America. It was 45 years Ago that this milestone manifested.

On a third jaunt I stopped in at the chain store, “Running Room/ Walking Room”, to check out the latest shoes. Somewhat disappointed I let the clerk know they didn’t carry good shoes in monk’s. But while I did try on the best colours co-ordinated shoes available a young female customer again came with the question posed in the early morning.

“Arre you Buddhist?” she asked innocently as she was trying on shoes.

“I have a good friend who looks like Buddha”, but I am a follower of Krishna”, I said.

She wanted to know about my conversion to Krishna and so a decent conversation ensued. I just couldn’t go deep being in a sterile foot cultured store. But I’m always, always encouraged after having uttered the divine name “Krishna!” That sound vibration is special and it falls on people’s ears as some kind of blessing.

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