Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Riverfest Break a Leg

Russell, Ontario

This town, at a border of Francophone and Anglophone communities, hosted Riverfest. At the base of the bank of Castor River and the heart of this town our cast of the tragic comedy “Lonely People” performed well just after a live Celtic music group. The Maritime group just finished “What Can You Do With a Drunken Sailor?” and it was our turn to “break a leg” with a small town audience.

Well, who can identify with that topic of loneliness? Everyone can. As opposed to a “leela” play or something to do with Vishnu and his avatars (something traditional), we chose this contemporary piece to perform as more relative, more relevant.

We were the last act on this outdoor stage. The people appreciated. The Master of Ceremonies, Stewart, got to talking with me after. He directs plays. He was technical director of “Grease” staged in the local arena recently.

People love to be entertained and our objective with my little drama troupe, “Swami Productions” is to produce entertainment that lifts the spirit. In fact, I just revealed our mission statement right there. You might call it “enter-lightenment”. Our obligation to the audience is to encourage the spiritual component.

Prior to our arrival, a choir group also sang and a yoga teacher presented demonstrations to pull up consciousness to some greater height. Our message with “Lonely People” is to look within, recognize the paramatma, supersoul in the heart and take good dictation.

I had little time to walk today. The drive to Russell and the play ate up well-spent time. I did manage to cover a whopping…

3 KM

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