Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

Helathy Discussions
Ottawa, Ontario

I set out to trek. The Parliament buildings are handsome. Police have a watchful eye there. They don’t see people in robes much, what to speak of a salmon clad sole monk early morning strutting around the edifices.

Sparker St. Mall was quiet. All is neat and clean. People seem a trite grim, maybe serious. That’s a common trait for a government town. The heat has finally come down. I have come to believe that there might be something to global warming After all.
A friend told me today that Exon put out billions of dollars to discredit global warming. True or not, weather misbehaves. Or rather we humans misbehave and upset weather patterns. What a nasty lot we are!

Our spiritual gathering for discussion in the morning was based on a passage from the book “Bhagavatam-Canto 10” where it expresses the bewilderment of God. (This is not connected to the fibs of petroleum companies and how they impact the creator).
The passage had more to do with Krishna’s response to the deceptive magic of Shalva who posed before Krishna like an image of Krishna’s father, Vasudev, and who in an attempt to weaken Krishna gruesomely decapitated him.

As part of the pastime Krishna did react very sensitively as He loved His father so much. Krishna played His role, as being a person with intense feelings. He is very, very, emotional after all.

In facilitating a discussion on the “feelings of God” I became rather impressed with input by participants. Revelations were deep.

To extend this topic it came up in a second discussion in the afternoon, “How to make your spiritual institution a more loving and feeling environment without compromising principals –less bureaucratic? We reigned in on the topic of “Guru” .

The final discussion for the day led to the appreciation of the thirty years plus by our marvelous co-ordinators of the Hare Krishna centre-Ottawa. The honours go to the stalwart couple, Shankar and Shanti. It was once again on topic, about feelings.

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