Thursday, 12 August 2010

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

Step Up!

Toronto, Ontario

A planned walk with members of Urban Edge Yoga Studio was cancelled because of rain. In its place organizers set up an ad for talk about trans-country walking. It was my call as no one else in the studio had actually walked Canada's length and breadth- at least, not yet.

What I was trying to convey the most out of the talk was the need to go inward and to put mundane endeavours as not the priority. To quote one cyclist, a 65 year old man from Winnipeg whom I met in 1996 "It's people like you and I who can manage to do this." He was referring to monks and retirees who can give their time to such projects as taking the simple life seriously.

I suspected that in the studio the audience of about twenty were almost all singles. It's the singles who also have a better eligibility to execute feats such as trekking a vast land. In reality few people eligible or not step forward when such an opportunity arises. At least the listeners had the chance to dream away and perhaps swallow a small does of reality in the form of taking time for the self.

If individuality is at all important to a person then walking is the function that permits someone to be or see who they really are. The solitude and the happy rhythm that comes with walking and above all the "humbling" it invokes brings out so much of yourself.

So, the message was increased on the mobility and step up the humility.

10 KM

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