Monday, 23 August 2010

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

From bears to Monks

Venables Valley, British Columbia

There they were-three little bears-doing their mischief. The nursery story had come to life.

While waiting for brunch to be completed in the rustic mountain home of friend, Yoginath, us guests peered out the large window over looking the well-prepared garden to see two baby and one adolescent bears helping themselves to carrots and lettuce. Yoginath showed no patience as his hard horticultural labour was about to vanish. He dashed out of the house and saw them on their way with his aging dog barking loud enough to support his cause.

It was a delight to see. Our camera was not triggered on time though. You have to admire these wild creatures of the forest. Their freedom is enviable.

I felt the same way for the ants in the bush. I had been trekking in the valley and had just visited Yamuna, singer of “Govinda Adi Purusham”, and companion Dina Tarine. When I greeted fatigued to the point of having to surrender to the forest floor for a nap. It was great for fifteen minutes until the creepy crawlies came around. They were fond of my arms just as much as I was fond of their carefree nature. I persisted in flicking them off but I’m afraid that habit came natural to them. They were determined not to “bug off” . Such is life in the wilderness.

Our drama troupe with Nitai, Gaura, and Nitai Priya had rested after an energetic performance from the night before. It seems that the drama, “Lonely People” is making a splash wherever we go.

Our drive back to Vancouver was a long one-but landscape perfect. Upon our arrival to great joy two more young men from Victoria joined our team of monks visiting from Halifax. That brings us to the number nine. We are growing.

10 KM

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