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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

It Was Sweet!

Kelowna, British Columbia

I walked by the new golf course at Black Mountain. Formerly the location was a ranch which bred buffalo, a cross-breed of buffalo with domestic cattle, a first in Canada. The sidewalk I tread on was rather close to the perfect golf grass. A ball whizzed by the head at a speed I couldn`t see but hear. It was just a little reminder that anything could happen at any moment.

I contemplated that I wish to move with the same speed in my spiritual life. In my mind`s resolve I thought, ``Ìt doesn`t usually work that way.``

I met an elderly man from Delhi, Jagadish. He spotted my swami clothes and was curious. I trekked further on and was halted by a voice that said ``Hello!`` It came from a new and beautiful home on Large Ave. A man trailed down the driveway to say, ``You are the main guy in Toronto... I used to eat at your restaurant all the time.``

``I`m one of the guys, Hare Krishna!`` and a conversation ensued. This confirmed, ``When you are out, people will come about``.

Evening brought us to the downtown at a hotspot for pedestrian, tourists and free spirits. The place is called ``The Sails`` and we took to the grass as our seating. We plopped ourselves down for the old grassroots Hare Krishna thing including chanting with drums. A circle of hippies nearby were puffing at ganja. A number of them eventually came to our circle for an experience of another kind.

I found it rather compatible - us and them. Now we were one, enwrapped in the mantra. There was no problem communicating with them. Our language was kindness.

Nitai Priya made a remark, ``It was like Prabhupada (our guru) at Tompkins Square Park in New York.`` She was referring to the humble beginnings of Hare Krishna taking root in the sixties.

Yes it was and it was very sweet.

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