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Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Namaste, Darling!

Toronto, Ontario

You don’t get a better feeling than hosting a group of religion, scholars, indologists and theologians in our dining room. It was twenty or so of such distinguished guests (brahmans of sorts) who came to dine at our temple’s Govinda’s dining room. It was arranged by dear friend Professor Joseph T. O’Connell. A conference was held in the city drawing the scholars from Australia, Europe, the U.S., Sri Lanka, Japan and other places abroad and they were treated with excellent prasadam (devotional food) prepared by one of North America’s best prasadam cooks-Subuddhi.

The guests made their way to the temple room for the final aarti (ritual) to view the deities of Krishna and Radha. They had many questions more to do with the practical end of things such as temple operations, a census of Krishna vaisnava in Canada etc. Philosophically they are well read and not much can be relayed to them as far as our beliefs are concerned. Friendship and courtesy was our careful application. It came natural. They were great.

We saw them to the door and their Automobiles. My day came to a closure but not with the brahmans though, who parted from the temple but by a young woman rather seductive in dress, make-up and so on who offered a greeting while catching up to my walking stride.

“Namaste darling!” she remarked as she veered off to a residential side street.

My response-“Good evening spirit soul.”

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