Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Friday, August 6th, 2010

Movement of Feet

Toronto, Ontario

There’s an optimism in the air. Humidity is down and so is the heat brought down to a comfortable 24 degree Celsius. That means feet are happy too.

I can tell you, though, whose feet are not happy. It’s those that don’t move.

Despite injury two actors in our troupe, Gaura who got slice in the foot by the villan’s knife, And Nitai, who sprained his ankle on top of his sore knee, are just that troupers. Nothing stopped them from moving forward with a splendid performance at Meadowvale theatre . All other leg work was executed quite well. There’s two chorus line sessions in the drama, “The Eigth Boy”. A demon dance in addition to cowherd boys wrapping and break dancing to the joy of eating sweets puts the drama into a kind of musical classification.

The theatre got filled holding a capacity of a modest four hundred seats. It was a performance appreciated by all. One highlight was Montreal’s Boris Michel who came to be the jolly bhramin and later a notorious wrestler to challenge Krishna.

It was yesterday morning that I saw the leaves on the trees perfectly still. The day before Boris and I walked to Rosedale park and took a break at a park bench. I didn’t exactly pray but wished that those leaves would dance by the force of a relieving breeze.

Today, Vayu, the wind God, did end his absence and made possible the movement of those leaves. And as they danced through hours until evening so did our actors move to the sound of music.

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