Thursday, 19 August 2010

Friday, August 13th, 2010

“Lonely People” Grows

Bellingham, Washington

It wasn’t exactly a grueling wait, a long hour with traffic crawling through the US customs, but it was a bit unnerving knowing that cooped up in a car gets you through slower than if you were to walk.

Our venue today was an old foundry converted into an artist’s community centre called “Anything Grows”. Harmony is the name of the kind woman who hosted us for our troupe’s presentation of “Lonely People”. Our facilitators are Trikalajna (people call him ‘Tree’) and wife, Sudevi. The centre reached full capacity, a modest seventy chairs. We received a standing ovation. People loved it. The follow up was kirtan, chanting , and optional event held in another room. Everyone came. They sang and danced giving their everything.

Here are the comments by our troupe about the drama:

Actor, Nitai: “The energy we gave out came back to us in the form of the crowd’s appreciation.”

Actress, Nitai Priya: “It was the best performance yet and one of the best crowds.”

Actor, Goura: “It was an intimate setting and everyone was so receptive.”

Sound person, Gillian: “The actors were amazing. Very comical.”

About the kirtan:

Nitai: “The audience filed into the back room of their own accord. All inhibitions faded out as the dance steps faded in.”

Nitai Priya: “We kept having to tighten the circle to accommodate the increase of eager participants.”

Goura: “It was hot in there but we didn’t care.”

Gillian: “People were absorbing the holy name. They were blissed out, man.”

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