Monday, 16 August 2010

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Okanagan Okay!

Kelowna, British Columbia

I`m in the heart of the Okanagan Valley, the heart of BC fruit-land keeping myself open for the miracles of the day. I`m here with our acting troupe for a devotional performance of kirtan chanting and drama, `Lonely People`.

The venue was Okanagan College Theatre. There was not an overwhelming turn out but the quality of people made the show all worth while.

And so what was the miracle... Nothing extraordinary but a small occurrence that you could not classify as cooincidence. With us came Gillian, a volunteer sound person for this weeks performances. She appears happy to take a week off from work from selling tires (as she hopes to get into studying medicine) and agreed to hit all our sound cues with appropriate volume levels.

She was only given an hour to learn everything from the script and use a CD which we found had cues mixed up - a difficult task. At practice time enough mistakes were there, and yours truly was convinced that flaws would haunt us at performance time. I prayed.

Patiently, Gillian applied herself and a perfect job was rendered.

That was the miracle. It was enough to reinforce faith. it wasn’t an extraordinary situation, but you felt that an extra hand had entered in backstage to help the situation - a hand that could not be seen but sensed. It happened in the night and perhaps because the bulk of our crew which was Goura, Nitai and I were faithful to sadhana in the early morning. Yes, we trekked Byrne Creek trail in Burnaby before leaving for Kelowna, chanting on our beads and sticking to this principle.

The only deviation was Nitai, who left the path for a bit - to explore - or as Goura put it, "He`s having his Tarzan moment" to which I responded, "He`s only 18..."

"Right, Maharaj," said Goura.

"Okay!" I thought.

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