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Friday, July 30th, 2010

Traveler’s Help

Toronto, Ontario

Regarding decisions, I am in a management spot where I can decide who I would like to invite to Canada to help in the re-spiritualization of the place. We play host to a variety of traveling monks who give that real boost and leave behind a group of happy people as they sojourn to other territory.

One monk who is a swami from India but who learned of the essence of his own cultural background in Canada is Gopal Krishna Goswmai. He just departed for Montreal today by train. By car another monk from South Africa had arrived three days before to come and inject in our community an appreciation for the essential practice of chanting. His name is B.B. Bhagavat Swami. Twice a year we are also graced by the presence of an African American, Devamrita Swami. At my request he came to add his itinerary Vancouver and Ashcroft in British Columbia. His Charisma and pure power does excite those sincere seekers of the truth.

More over, we have a married person who is in spirit is renounced and dedicated to the mission of disseminating of devotional literature. He is an euphoric-type of person who sets a great tone wherever he travels. It is Vaisesika Prabhu and he makes routine trips to parts of the country.

We have others who travel to do the same as above mentioned. It was the genius of our guru, Srila Prabhupada, to arrange for this system of traveling mendicants and spiritualists to inspire in addition to having the local “grounded” servant-leaders to keep motivated by their pure stalwart devotion. Such a system is like rich blood circulating. Without such association you have a blood clot.

And that ain’t nice!

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