Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Thrusday, August 5th, 2010

Monk Drunk on Drama

Toronto, Ontario

The major reason for my being grounded in one place for this stretch of time is to give my all to a drama production, “Krishna The Eigth Boy “. Many hours go into this hour and a half production. Rehearsals are intense and lengthy. Even in a spiritual setting, the temple room, undercurrent dramas may be at play between some of the actors. It’s nothing too serious that can’t be resolved. As director I have to think “the show must go on.”

You immerse yourself in service and try to encourage those working with you to do the same. You keep engaged. “An idle mind is the devil’s work shop.”

It is rather engaging, come to think of it, taking the initiative to produce a story about Krishna who remains one of the most mysterious persons you could ever read about. So multifarious are His pastimes that it’s difficult to fathom sometimes. So heroic are his deeds that He has to be perceived as someone beyond the human category.

To put His life story out there for the stage is a challenge but since the task has been executed for generations, especially in India, I know that I’m one of the modest directors amongst thousands to take a crack at it. What’s unique and fun about this version of His biographical doings is that it’s done in English with a strong contemporary flair.

My crew of twelve Actors, and three technical people are gifted and devotional enough that we can pull off a decent rendition on Krishna’s life. It is highly important for every member to give their best simply because He happens to be the most significant person in each and everyone’s life.

Between the morning sadhana, administrative duties and the high pressured rehearsals I do get breathing space by walking out of the building, choosing one of the ten directions and heading out on my feet only to make a loop and come back.

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