Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Will Never Forget.

Toronto, Ontario

I was waling when I heard the scream.

“You so friggin’ scared us!” Yelled a young man from the moving car.

It was still dark as the sun hadn’t yet had the chance to poke himself over the horizon.

The voice was not alone. Others were with him hooting and hollering over who knows what. They were party-goers and in some way they were the scary ones being unpredictable under dear beer influence.

I remember the power of intoxication and being under it’s grip when in the late teens. I never went deep with it, thank God, and I never really wanted to become a victim. It was a social thing. Your were young, curious, and you wanted to live slightly dangerous.

When that party car turned it’s corner I had that chance to reflect on when my life turned when having met those bald-headed creatures in front of Boni-mart at Christmas time 1972. It was winter and dark. All shoppers had retreated to their homes being that stores were now closed. The baldies (Krishna devotees) were determined in their music making, a drum and hand cymbals. Their voices were loud over the still night. It was almost like “Silent Night” in the atmosphere.

It was that night that I received a handsome copy of the “Bhagavat-Gita”, which gave me enough reason to part with mild agents of mind alterations. I kissed those scary things such as weed and beer “good-bye forever!” And I would credit one of the monks, a native of Hamilton, Visvakarma by name, for handing me that golden treasure of a book.
I will never forget him for doing me that great favour.

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