Monday, 16 August 2010

Monday, August 9th, 2010

There's the Blackberry and Then There's the Real Thing

Burnaby, British Columbia

I trekked along Marine Drive with beads in my right hand. I glanced over to the left to see something that always cheers me up. August is blackberry season. These deeply dark and rich juicy offerings of nature hang from their spiky stems demonstrating no limit to their generosity.

Tempted like crazy, my left hand stretched itself to reach one of those sweet and slightly tart berries. Then another and another. No feast transpired. I held myself back which I was proud of and knowing of their plentiful nature, I could pick up some more further down the sidewalk.

"Berries are a pigrim's delight - a privilege", I thought putting away any trace of guilt of greed. "Besides, they are free. Who wouldn't indulge under such circumstances? when walking Ireland two summers ago, these little guys came to my aid. They provided me the energy I needed."

And while all these wranglings went on in my mind and I outstretched once more with the left hand, I had a hard look at that hand. I flashed back to the summer of '74 at the Krishna communal farm near Moundsville, West Virginia, when I saw the graceful hands of our guru, Srila Prabhupada, playing on kartals (hand cymbals). He played in the most awesome way, totally skillful and artistic, not the usual one, two, three beat. He went rather fancy with the two cymbals releasing certain fingers at certain intervals of playing. His fingers were long and appeared divinely agile. It was the occasion of my second diksha (initiation) when a person is approved to taking to brahminical tasks. I was transfixed on the movement of his hands and now here at the blackberry bush I had come to recall that fine moment of a perfect vision. It was an inspiring moment.

I know many people who speak the glories of the blackberry gadget that you hold in your hand for communication. I will gladly stick with my juicy edible ones and stay with simplicity hoping for great moments.

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