Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Profound pedestrians
Toronto, Ontario

These tow young women were speaking as if they were self-realized. “Like I couldn’t care for even a great pair of shoes”, boasts one.

The other said, “ it’s all money. It can’t buy you happiness”.

“You know what’s important is relationships with people. That’s what really counts.” said the latter one.

The two women were walking north on Yonge St. like this. I was quite surprised as they carried on with their conversations for several blocks when I was walking practically next to them. I was slightly ahead. I turned around at least twice to make sure I was hearing and seeing properly.

“They are not enlightened necessarily, but they have some realizations that are quite profound”, I thought.

One of the girls added, “Yah know what’s really ironic is that we’re saying all these things while there’s a monk right next to us”.

At that point I wasn’t compelled to turn around to acknowledge their words. I was hoping to hear more about their revelations. At some point they passed by me and it became apparent that all such words of wisdom very swiftly were put on the back burner when they switched channels and showed by their walk and talk was leaning more in favor of boys.

Oh well, ”their realizations may have been short lived but they may surface again, “ I thought. Maybe next time they will go deeper.

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