Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

Call Me Strange

Ottawa, Ontario

I disappointed someone today. A tall East Indian man, single, by the name of Geet had come freshly dressed in devotional garb at the brightest spot of the day 4:30 am. He requested if he could join me on walking after early morning aarti. He had ‘Anticipation’ written all over him for such a prospect.

But I said, “no! I’m sorry. I already have walked.” It was true. I’ve no need to fib. In fact I had just come from an early bird pre aarti walk.

“Did you really walk already?’, he asked.

“Yes, I’m afraid so.”

Geet then said, “I was told by Karuna Sindhu (another monk in the ashram) that you are up all day and sometimes all night.”

I had to admit that that might be a perception but that I do sleep and usually catch a cat nap here or there.

After communicating with Geet it was time to leave for Ottawa to attend the 35th Anniversary of the ISKCON Centre’s installation of diety’s. It included a dinner, chanting and our drama presentation. Called “Gaura Nitai”. Bada Hari and wife Kosa came from Florida to lead in the serenade mantras. The program was sweet especially after a five hour drive from Toronto. Frankly automobiles have always been a pet peeve.

They are a necessary evil but if given choice I could change the world and abolish all of them. I would like for us all to get real and go for early morning meditative japa-chanting walks. I would vote for using legs again, horses and chuck wagons.

Call me strange! I don’t mind.

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