Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

On the Road to Victory

London, Ontario

I explored the bike trail in Russell. The trail was a former railroad line. It has been common in Canada to witness the dissolution of the train. In Prince Edward Island, there exists not a single train and whatever was a rail route has now vanished and given way to walkers, runners and cyclists. It’s a pity in someway. The public has this nostalgia for trains, myself included.

Sing Lung Wong, an associate from Toronto, Kacsper Waclawski and I hit that great trail until it disappeared to become mean forest and wet grass, so we detoured down along a farmer’s regional road with Holsteins grazing and corn plants swaying by light breezes to our sides. This was a real treat for city boy Sing and busy Kacsper who teaches music in town.

After the walk was over hours chewed up our time in traffic in a stretch from far south eastern Ontario to the far reaches of the west in a city of London. Our destination was Aeolian Hall, a super acoustically-savvy building and once a town hall for east London. There our troupe of Nitai Priya and the tow Penn boys, Gaura and Nitai, staged, “Lonely People”. The performance was great but attendance poor. Promotion is something we have to learn which we will.

I guess the experience is that it’s tough to juggle monastic administration responsibilities with the showman obligations. In any event, I’m not a quitter and the intention is to delegate promotional duties to others. It will be done!

Churchill said something about success coming after a trail of failures. This can’t be more truthful. Victory is only known after a series of defeat.

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