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Saturday, August 7th, 2010

Kids and What They Are

Milton, Ontario

Children are innocent but they are not angels. I was asked to do a presentation for an hour to twenty-five camping kids. I moved them through a gallery of paintings depicting the life of Krishna. I was explaining the details of each picture. At one depiction three kids from the group had their attention diverted. One of them climbed on top of a table in the room while the other two leaned on. The table ended up collapsing during my presentation. The kids quickly cleared away from their.

I demanded to know who was responsible for the mishap. I didn’t raise my voice. I was careful not to demonstrate anger. Still there was no response.

Everyone there was well aware that this was not a mystical experience. Someone or somebodies were guilty of the incident. No volunteer came forward.

Being a monk and a life-long celibate I cannot claim to know all about children but one thing that does surface when dealing with such adorable kids is that they are innocent, frivolous but not pure. They carry over “stuff” from their previous lives. We cannot hold this against them. We were all there before.

We never did find out who was the culprit but the point is made. We are all born with some vice and we all have a chance to make good in this life attempting to alleviate anything in our character as adults.

I spent the afternoon at Kelso Lake at the Niagara escarpment with members of our Brampton community. A picnic is what it became with a walk added on. A steep climb on a trail made a baby stroller a challenge. Yes indeed it was a day with young families and kids.

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