Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015
Dublin, Ireland
Could Not Relish
I could not relish the activity of a walk through the trails of green Ireland today. The flight from Toronto, delayed by 3 hours, caused a number of passengers to miss connections. I was one of them. And so, in a way, we were held hostage in the Dublin airport. If pacing could have been done, I would have been happy. But for the sake of making new flight arrangements, I, along with others, stood in a 3 hour plus snail-pace waiting line. This was partly a brain-frying session and partly a patience-exercise. At the counter only one person did all the re-booking and that was done manually. I was wondering why in this technological world that we live in, can’t we now exercise smoother operations. That’s the material world for you.

I was really impressed with a couple in front of me for two reasons. Number one: they were extremely patient. At one enlightened moment the woman decided to dial on the phone the airline that brought us this far. She was then informed that you can just re-book over the phone and get it done in 2 minutes. Because they were just on the verge of being at the counter for assistance, they decided to go for the personal service route. Not for a second did they demonstrate disgust, at least externally, over their 3 hour 40 minute wait.

Number two: the second reason for feeling a connection with the couple had to do with a happy coincidence that, exactly one week ago, the couple spotted our two youth ministry buses parked in their neighbourhood in Winnipeg. I was there. We were preparing for our devotional show just outside the Westminster United Church. The couple spotted our boys on the bus wondering what was going on? So I then explained to the couple the nature of our show. At that venue we conducted bharatanatyam dance, drama, and chanting of mantras. We were attempting to spread some good will and higher consciousness. All this came out after the long wait when we were being shuttled to a Hotel, a stopover, before our new flight timings. And it was a case of “small world”, isn’t it.

We will look out for each other the next time I’m in their neighbourhood.

May the Source be with you!

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