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Tuesday, July 21st 2015

Tuesday, July 21st 2015
Thunder Bay, Ontario

Everyone’s Heard About It

I decided to walk from our small temple on Victoria Avenue to the Marina Park where the Krishna Culture Festival of India was being staged.  I thought I might meet people along the way and share information on the event.  It would be like an invite. 

Was I surprised to see and hear the reaction, “Yeah!  I heard about it.”  “I’m gonna be there!”  “Wouldn’t miss it.”  “I come every year.”  “I came last year, but you ran out of food.”  “Yeah, I’m going over there to volunteer some help.”

Once arriving at the location, I saw Maduha, the coordinator for the exhibits, set up the marquees and displays.

My bus companions were absent.  I was told that all fifty of them were off for an Ultimate Frisbee game.  The manager of the festival, Dr. Jani (Prem Kishor), was busy like anything preparing for the mini Ratha Yatra that would start the whole festival. 

Three young boys, less than six years of age each, were playing on the grass.  They had been chatting about me I could see.  One of them came forward and asked an innocent question, “Are you God?” 

“No!  I’m a monk, I’m the servant of God.”

“Oh, okay,” answered the young boy who got distracted and then ran off with his friends to explore and see what the park and the day had in store for them.

The festival went well.  My guess is that 8,000 people came.  The mayor came.  Bruce, who heads up the Green Party in the area, also made his appearance.  There were others.

As usual, a good number of people who came with their fold out lawn chairs sat for hours to watch the show until the time to line up for the free food.  A formula for warming up people to Krishna Consciousness is effectively working, food, cultural shows, and kirtan. All have a magical effect on people.

May the Source be with you!
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