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Monday, August 3rd, 2015

Monday, August 3rd, 2015
Madrid, Spain

Being in Madrid

Mantri Ram is one of the monks stationed at our centre in Madrid. He was kind enough to take myself and two guests from Sweden on a sort of pilgrimage to some significant sights which grab tourists' attention. There is the famous Cathedral, De la Almudena, the Egyptian Templo Debod, the statue of fiction character, Don Quixote, the Plaza Calle Montera and Calle Fuencarral. It was night-time but that was good because that's when all the people are out.

I had taken my japa, chanting a little more seriously than normal and with a notch higher in volume. One of the young women in mini-skirt and heels and lavish make-up - a prostitute - picked up on the mantra as we passed by. She then mimicked what I was doing. I guess she gets some spiritual benefit from that.

I basically felt myself lucky (fortunate) to be trekking through these hot spots. I had completed a two-hour talk to our Iskcon community about the benefits of spirit walking or pilgrimage. Who in the world would know better about such an opportunity than the people of Spain. It is here that the reputed trail of the Camino de Santiago runs through. What I heard from members who were listening to the talk and expressing themselves, that a good number of them walked that Camino.

Shirley Maclane has written about it. And, from what I can remember as I was passing by a movie theatre in Toronto about three years ago, Martin Sheen starred in a film "The Way" all to do with a true story how some people's lives had changed for the better from the walk.

My only other major impression, apart from 'walk' talks, fine buildings and beautiful people in the form of Krishna devotees, was seeing a Cuban family I've known shine in Madrid. Janardan is working on his PhD but he and his wife have plans to move back to their beloved Cuba after he receives his degree. They made him the president of the Iskcon centre here in Madrid.

May the Source be with you!
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