Friday, 14 August 2015

Sunday, August 2nd, 2015

Sunday, August 2nd, 2015
Tenerife, Spain

Preparation: Parade

To prepare for any event, for any endeavour, practitioners of bhakti-yoga engage in some sadhana. Essential to seeing that sadhana is done, they look to the earlier morning hours to connect to the Divine What this entails is some mantra meditation, some reflection on guru and God, and some contemplation of words of wisdom.

Our small group of bhaktas (devotees) achieved these sadhana components at the beach for the last full day of our stay in Tenerife. The big event for tonight was the Chariot Fest and the sadhana exists for being psychological prepared. The public would come. And they did, including the mayor and other staff members of the city council at Playa de las Americas.

Devotees were optimistic. So was the crowd. Maybe the public was curious. My own critical mind observed a could-be-better performance of kirtan. The event was late by about an hour. The food, a spiced-flavoured rice, was starting to turn. It was a large endeavour for a virtual handful of people. Our drama, "The Witness" was bumped to the last few minutes of the stage presentation. We finished our drama by 12:30 am. What was left by that time was a meagre attendance.

And had I that one extra day for practice our drama troopers could have worked to a more polished presentation. It's no one's fault. My hat goes off to Patita Pavan and Julan Yatra, two people who organized with all their heart a huge undertaking. And additionally I have to say the chariot and the deities looked stunning.

Finally, the dis-assembly of the chariot was completed by 6 am, about the time of our daily morning beach sadhana which didn't happen. By the time of my rising at 8 am, my mind reverted back to our discussion of the morning before. The qualities of the Supreme are unlimited and I got to thinking that while Divine Intelligence has fathomless traits, the small gods (us) are limited.

May the Source be with you!

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