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Sunday, July 26th, 2015

Sunday, July 26th, 2015
Calgary, Alberta

A Rewrite

I had been unhappy with my writing of the Gita portion of our drama, ‘Krishna Is’. I came up with a rewrite, so here it is:

Krishna is the deliverer of divine wisdom.

(Arjun observes army then collapses)


Seeing those before me causes me to shiver.

To lift my bow is as though I had never.

Hairs stand on end, mind is reeling.

I’m confused; it’s new, this kind of feeling.

(To Krishna)

I just cannot fight.

There’s something here that is not right.


Arjun, you’ve lost your sense of duty.

A man of defense renounced a warrior’s beauty?

For the wise, there’s a different point of view –

Of eternity – no birth, no death- known by few.

Consider the world, which is full of duality.

Good and bad, is its only reality.

The major point is to not lament.

“The soul is forever”, that is my comment.

Moving through bodies from young to old.

From old to young, this circle does unfold.


What is the force that compels one to do wrong?

If you could please include this in your song.


It is desire, born of passion – then wrath

That keeps us covered and obscures the path.

Perform your yoga, and your sacrifice

For the Creator, and then all will be nice.


Yoga can be tried for controlling the mind,

But the mind is an instrument of a different kind.

I’m fine if asked to harness the wind,

But the mind cannot be anchored or pinned.


Begin the process; take it easy and slow.

In the end, there’s freedom; the soul will then glow.


You are my teacher, mentor and guide.

It was no mistake to have you on my side.

I have come to consider about You there is more.

It’s Your cosmic form that I wish to explore.


The form is manifest when we have the eyes,

Otherwise there’s a tendency to despise.

I reveal it to those whose devotion is clear,

When friendship is firm I then come quite near.

It is surrender through service that is so sweet.

It is surrender that is illusion’s defeat.


Oh Krishna, my doubt is now gone

I believe the fight should definitely go on.


Arjun, my song is old, but alive.

You have your free will, but now let Me drive.

May the Source be with you!

6 km


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