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Monday, August 24th, 2015

Monday, August 24th, 2015
Toronto, Ontario

Cannot Give Up

My trekking partner today has been mentally challenged for decades, perhaps since birth. Personally, he has found it difficult to make and keep friends largely due to the unpredictability in his behaviour. Having known him for some time, I felt I could offer him some service by allowing the chance for us to walk together. I thought it would be good for his condition.

We trekked up Bloor street to Christie, then to Dupont and back to the ashram. It got tiring for him at certain points. Overall, I think he did remarkably well in acting like a trouper. He was distracted at certain times, although the attempt to fix his ear to the mantra that he was chanting was sincere. In other words, we both were walking and chanting together. I admit to also being distracted while chanting with the aid of my japa mala (meditational beads). It is the natural course that the mind takes when attempting to harness it.

At one point he needed a break from walking. We spotted a park bench but the recent rainfall left the bench to be drenched. So I pulled out a newspaper from a newspaper stand and spread it out over the bench so that we could sit. We just wanted to keep our behinds dry.

My friend and I reached the ashram by 7 AM. We have a policy, however, that he is not permitted to be within the premises. Some of his impulsive behaviour in the past has complicated the situation for him. But I must hand it to him, it was honourable of him to take that hour to walk and chant with me. I cannot give up on people. After all, we are all struggling souls in this world. We need to provide support.

May the Source be with you!

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