Saturday, 1 August 2015

Friday, July 17th, 2015

Friday, July 17th, 2015 
Toronto, Ontario

Seeing a Thief

Walking today entailed shopping around. It was a drenched day. There were a handful of us dodging the rain. It was just a few trimmings we needed for our drama performance this weekend. The most prominent item needed was some fabric for Draupadi's sari.

In our drama, "Krishna Is...", there is a captivating scene where Queen Draupadi becomes insulted through an attempted public disrobing. It was Krishna, in His heroism, who spared her from the dishonour by supplying her, mystically, with unlimited cloth.

Our interest was to purchase a roll of lengthy material that would suffice for Draupadi's part. Anyways, business was done. On Queen St. West where we acquired what we wanted, we then proceeded to a costume shop on Yonge Street. Not but 2 minutes after we arrived, a transvestite dashed out of the store with goods in his/her hands. It was a theft! 

"Wigs!" said the angry store proprietor, "I could have talked about giving a discount but I don't need anyone to steal the merchandise."

One of the employees made a run after the culprit but to no avail - no catch. Police were called and all was done that was possible to set things right. What to do. At least we got a discount on the goods we needed - some masks. We saw this gesture, after the agitation, as a good one. Perhaps the act could be perceived as a form of devotional service. Because the proprietor knew our festival was on for tomorrow and he just wanted to help. I hope the thief will one day have the heart of the proprietor.

May the Source be with you! 

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