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Thursday, August 13th, 2015

Thursday, August 13th, 2015
Toronto, Ontario

Where's the Gratitude?

Of all places you go to for renewing your health insurance card the venue is in the basement of the Canadian Tire store. Convenient for me as its a fifteen minute walk from the ashram. With some luck I was the first in the line up. I arrived early at 8:30 AM. The office didn't open until 9 AM.

One woman came after me, then two gentlemen. Need I call them gentlemen? They were whining about the opening hour not being publicized well enough. They too came early but under the assumption that their services would be accommodated at 8 AM. Well, they were bitching. They were cranky.

Good God (Krishna)" I thought, "when will they start counting their blessings? Where's the gratitude?" In so many countries of the world you don't have free medical assistance. There was no fee for renewing the health card which in Ontario is referred to as an OHIP card (Ontario Health Insurance Plan). "Spoiled brats!" I felt like saying. I know that I must have compassion.

On a happier note, when the barrier rope was finally released for those of us to get serviced, I was directed to go to counter 4. There a young woman accepted my ID. She noted that I was born in Chatham, Ontario and expressed how she and her family are from that area.

"What a remarkable historically-rich district that is!" I said. I told of Chief Tecumseh, a foremost warrior-hero who was in the area. His fault was fighting for his indigenous people. I also told her how Chatham was a major hub for the Underground Railway and of the nearby location of a black reverend Josiah Henson who looked after slaves coming up from the States in the 1800's. This account is given in the book 'Uncle Tom's Cabin', the hottest selling novel of the 19th century. This book, according to Lincoln, sparked the Civil War in America. The young woman at the counter expressed slight embarrassment for not knowing about 'her area.'

The exchange was great and it put me in a more positive frame of mind just as much as I found it a blessing to be ahead of the game by being first in line. I feel blessed to not be a slave in line to be whipped by some terrible selfish master.

Thank you Krishna. You are great!

May the Source be with you! Bless me to always express gratitude.

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