Thursday, 13 August 2015

Thursday, July 30th, 2015

Thursday, July 30th, 2015
Dublin, Ireland

Industrial Walk
My morning walk entailed a brief stroll through an industrial park near the hotel where I slept. To stay at Carlton was compliments of Air Canada due to their delayed flight.

It’s a little hard to appreciate the immediate surroundings of an airport in an industrial area but, so be it. At least I have a place to walk, to move my limbs and swing my arms. There was a sidewalk, some greenery, yellow flowers and roses to break up the concrete look.

Once reaching the airport for the flight to Tenerife, I asked for assistance regarding the new booking and a boarding card. A friendly chap brought me to the appropriate line up counter at Air Lingus. I asked the fellow the meaning of Air Lingus. I assumed it was Gaelic. As if the question had been asked before he came back with a quick response, “An air fleet”. Then I was curious about the logo. “A shamrock” he said, “it’s basically a weed."

I then introduced myself as a dedicated vegetarian and a cook and that I might one day consider cooking the clover leaves mixed with delicious potatoes to assume a curry-like flavour. He was fascinated by the idea and added that people used to eat clover. The gentleman had to leave for his usual post but I wanted to ask him, "Did people eat clover in the war time when they were desperate or was it before spuds became a staple in Ireland?" Anyways, I was left in a void and my opportune moment for enlightenment was unfulfilled.

I received my boarding pass and sat down after going through security and then pondered more about the concept of “weed”. The word appears to be a verbal notion that’s imposed on a culture that has little basis of truth. To a vegetarian, an animal is a weed to one's palate. It all depends on the criteria with which you value something. Take for example the burdock plant. It isn’t pretty. It’s given a bad wrap. If it grows in your yard or garden you probably want to root it out. But your opinion will change once you know of it’s invaluable medicinal properties as an incredible cleanser. Actually we are all weeds until we are educated, informed and enlightened.

I had eventually made it to Tenerife where I was greeted by loving devotees. Hmmmmm! What is a devotee? Someone who looks at the weed within and works to remove it.

May the Source be with you!


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