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Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015
Toronto, Ontario

Nights Are Perfect
Nights are perfect with moderate temperatures. A welcoming breeze heightens the pleasure even more. I was in this Rosedale neighbourhood before. The stately homes were not yet fully built when I first tread here. It was called "the last of Rosedale residences", meaning all land in this prestigious area was already consumed by developers. No sod was laid.

Now I came back twenty years later. The homes are completed. The assorted trees are yet to exceed the height of the homes. Within the next five years - oh yes - they will.

It's marvellous to observe man's and nature's doings. The change is entertaining. There's awesomeness to it all.

At 7:30 AM and later at 6:30 PM in one corner of our temple ashram discussions were held. The morning session was conducted by our humble self. We spoke from Canto Nine of the Bhagavatam, about the struggle between Nimi and Vasistha and their cursing and counter-cursing. It was an exchange between guru and disciples. In other words, it was not a situation of peaceful communication but of misunderstanding with ego as its foundation. It's not what you would expect from teacher and student relations, yet, this is the way of the world. It gets messy and very removed from exchanges of pleasantries at times.

In our same peaceful corner of the temple ashram, twelve hours later, my former Mother Superior, Laxmimoni, who has come to town, delivered a message about happiness and how our modern world has embraced gadgets and equated that to joyful relations. "Virtual reality" she said a few times. In this world we take it all to be real when in fact it is not. It is temporary and it offers a pretense of satisfaction.

May the Source be with you!

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