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Saturday, July 18th, 2015

Saturday, July 18th, 2015
Toronto, Ontario

The Gracious Mayor

So, yes, John Tory stopped by.  We spoke a bit before his entrance on to the stage.  Of course, I slipped into our conversation the multiple walks I’ve done across various countries along with Canada, four times.  He was curious to know how and when I got into monkism. 

I told him of the natural proclivity I had towards spirituality and that my becoming a monk had something to do with the Beatles’ music after they spent time in India.  The mayor was then called to the stage, then myself.  Keshava, the overall captain of the festival on Centre Island, suggested I say something first, so I spoke. 

“We are happy to have a mayor we like in our grand city.”  There was a big round of applause.  “I realized that although I am a world traveller I do indeed have a home and that’s Toronto.  I’ve been a Torontonian for 42 years.  Great city!”  And then I expressed to the audience, “Toronto is such a great place of acceptance. “ 

Then John Tory spoke.  He picked up on the theme. “A place where people care,” he said.  He gave his word to visit our temple on Avenue Road.  We will graciously take him up on that. 

The Ratha Yatra, Festival of Chariots, draws all kinds of digs (dignitaries) and our guru would not be shy to say that cosmic gods are present at every big sacred event. 

It was a great day but it ended up slightly weird with the sun’s leaving to honour the night.  I met a fellow who I bumped into years ago while walking through a neighbourhood in Rosedale.  He claims that he’s liberated and he spoke very possessively along these lines. “You don’t need a middle man.  You already know everything.”  Now, I was not in a position to argue with him.  I was with a family and their children.  But my argument with him would be, “If no middle man is necessary then there’s no need for you to say anything at all if liberation comes naturally.”

May the Source be with you!
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