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Thursday, August 6th, 2015

Thursday, August 6th, 2015
Burnaby, British Columbia

The Kid In You

It was a real pleasant surprise when someone pointed out to Toshan and I the tucked away, hidden trail to the river. I've been coming to this suburb of Vancouver for years for regular visits. On each visit I avoid the Fraser River on my walks because there is just too many big highways, roadways, and industrial parks obstructing the way before you get to the riverside.

Toshan is my good friend who accompanied me during the discovery of this walkway. When we were both in our younger years we had travelled as brahmacari monks throughout Ontario, much like the Mormons when they are on their two year mission. We went through a host of adventures together, including getting stuck in a fire on the third floor of a hotel! You can say we go way back. I stayed on in the celibate role and took sannyasa. He has been married twice since those early days and has also established himself in a career with the national forces. (I say this because sometimes people wonder what happens to those who play the monk's role for a while).

There isn't a name to the trail that we could see. (Lack of signage I guess). Clearly there is one lane and in some stretches a paved way. It's like the best kept secret. It follows a creek for a distance and is also edged by black-berry bushes in spots. It's secluded and it also runs along the backside of a few warehouses. It's just under 2 km long.

This new passge-way made my heart leap for joy. I always wanted access to the Fraser without hindrance. Well, the truth is that one obstruction is Marine Way. Other than that we are scott-free. You know, sometimes doing these walks in the exploratory mode brings out the kid in you.

Most important is that here I have a new venue for japa meditation. Others can benefit as well. I'll point out the location gladly.

May the Source be with you!

6 km


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