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Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015
Bracebridge, Ontario

In Muskoka

Summer seems to be approaching its end as far as heat is concerned. It’s usually at these times that I arrange for some outings for our ashram residents. This time, Bracebridge was our destination for outdoor experiences. This meant some canoeing which we executed down the Muskoka River. Just like for anyone else, it’s important that monks and nuns have some chill-out time to. Someone may argue that our whole monastic life is chill. That’s true, but some diversity is necessary. I personally believe that some recreation must be given` paramount importance.

That being said, we did oar our way for a stretch, compliments of the Patels whose Riverside Inn is situated right at the dock of the cruiser "Lady Muskoka". Swimming, being a Vaishnava sport, became obligation number two for today. And number three was a walk along the Trans Canada Trail near High Falls.

Along with the Patels, we trekked a meagre 5 kilometres, which is nothing for this long network of pathways. When the Trans Canada Trail is completed in 2017, it will likely be the longest walkway in the world at over 23,000 kilometres in length. The millions of needles shed from spruce, pine, and cedar allow for a bouncy, spongy forest bottom. Surprising to me is the discovery of this trail which runs parallel to Highway 11. Had I known this in ’96 on my first cross-Canada trek, I would have likely avoided trekking on the highway.

We see this excursion as a pilgrimage. For our two day stay in Muskoka we had morning and evening sadhana in the Inn where people came to join us for a chant and a read.

May the Source be with you!

5 km


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