Saturday, 4 July 2020

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Toronto, Ontario




I will be keeping up my daily walking, however, I failed today as other priorities set in. Part of the excuse was preparing for online festival presentations. The Chariot Fest will be virtual and will be commencing with programs starting tomorrow, which also happens to be Canada’s Birthday.


It is hard to imagine not driving to the nation’s capital in Ottawa to celebrate the 153rd birthday. I recall the centennial in 1967. Usually several Krishna Conscious communities converge for chanting and freestyle dancing near Parliament Hill and the War Memorial. People stop to watch us, not just to look at us but actually stare at us in amazement. There is often an outstanding reception from Iranians. I imagine they are amazed not only by the free-style but also the freedom to move about presenting our brand of spiritualism. We feel proud to represent the Golden Avatar’s wishes.


The Golden Avatar is none other than Sri Chaitanya, the father of public chanting. His approach to spirituality was an inclusive one while also balancing the individual’s internal development.


So, all endeavours for July 1st are geared toward inward and outward harmony. Of course, there will be extraordinary fireworks to honour the day. For those of us on the bhakti path all sparkles will be dedicated to Jagannatha, the manifestation of God responsible for the universe!


May the Source be with you!

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