Thursday, 30 July 2020

Monday, July 27, 2020

The Annex, Toronto


Lake to Lake


Every alternate Monday I am scheduled for a philosophy/family/friend session at Ramsden Park. Corry, my cousin, her hubby, Eric and young Victor come together. As I was making my way to the picnic spot a falcon swooped down and then swept up to perch on a convenient, substantial tree branch. He got our attention. If it was a hawk, it’s known to be a good omen. It represents focus and is regarded as a sign from the spirit world. Hopefully a falcon carries similar good fortune.


It was suggested that he finds the park favourable due to the big number of squirrel habitats. This conclusion is probably right. Our youngest monk, Krishna Chandra, saw a hawk tearing at the entrails of a squirrel the other day. “Gross“, he thought.


I found out that my God-brother, Radhanatha Swami, is grounded in Chicago, which is one Great Lake away from my ball-and –chain, Toronto, on Lake Ontario. I called the Swami and we chatted for some time. We were reflecting on the Covid-19 deaths and our lost loved ones, including Bhakti Caru Swami. Sad! But we also spoke about trying to see what divinity the virus has brought. We must always look at the right-side of all that comes our way.


In any event, I was tempted to kayak (although I never tackled it before) across the lakes and rivers across Canada one day, at least to reach Chicago and see the Maharaj standing on Lake Michigan’s shore. Such a journey is merely an adventurous dream. I believe a good day, or night, dream can bring about major peace within.


May the Source be with you!

4 km

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