Saturday, 4 July 2020

Monday, June 29, 2020

St. Jamestown, Toronto


It Happened


It happened just two weeks ago. A young tennis player noticed me sitting at a picnic table at Ramsden Park. He was drawn to our little gathering, which included my cousin, Corry, and her husband, Eric, both social workers. The young tennis player is in the midst of a divorce, hence, we were knights at the square table, having a therapy session.


The reason why I bring up this event is because this morning we repeated it, in other words, there was a follow-up. Today, again, a few from the original group got together. It was a deeper session, a penetration of the soul, especially to guide and support an ailing but healing victim of modern-day circumstance – the tennis player.


Near the end of our two hour chat a minister of the local St. Paul’s Church joined us. Then a group of men who were next to us, at the adjacent picnic table, came over after they decided to meet us. No handshakes. Covid 19 is still active. It turns out that two of the men are social workers and the other two were being coached.


Oh well, it is generally believed that parks are green spaces (which Ramsden is) and green spaces are just so ideal for bringing out the best of people. Like walking the essence of a person comes out.


This evening a couple from Calgary joined me for a stroll to St. Jamestown after their dad’s passing on Thursday. Today I also enjoyed the company of our Canadian monk who was stuck in India because of the virus. Welcome back Karuna Sindhu!


May the Source be with you!

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