Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Cabbagetown, Toronto


Wet Walk


Our very, very good cook, Dwarkanath, has got a very, very good grip on things. Of course, he must have a firm hold on the pots and pans he uses, and the ingredients; water, produce and spices all require careful and firm handling. Two nights ago he did a big favour of massaging my legs. My delicate knees were worked on with slightly more force than required. It left me moving on a limp. However, I was not cursing him, he’s too precious.


Aisvarya and I sauntered along to Cabbagetown, east of downtown, where residents are abound. With humidity top notch, we sweat along our way, and for me, a trite limp, made it tough. On our return I suggested to Aisvarya that he get us a cab. It’s a first for me. No, that’s not usually something I do. As a teen, working in the tobacco fields for hours, I became trained up. I learned to be solid.


In any event Cabbagetown really is one of those ‘very best’ residential areas in Canada. There’s a certain charm. Houses are tight and majestic. They are hugged by trees. For the eyes, it’s nice. The neighbourhood is a mix of young families and retirees.


It was such a sweet, full day with some people’s resolve in-the-making. To top it off was this walk, an actual reward for the day, despite some discomfort.


When the sweaty stepping was over the Beck’s taxi driver came. I rolled down the window and the best breeze entered in. We stopped at 243 Avenue Road, my home. I opened the door, went to the basement, which is all poised for a renovation, and came to Karuna Sindhu. I then plopped down on the chair next to him, punctuating a period at the end of the sentence of the day.


May the Source be with you!

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