Sunday, 19 July 2020

Friday, July 17, 2020

Cabbagetown, Toronto


Past and Present


Zoom calls to different global locations and kirtan sessions going abroad are occupying some of my recent days. The endeavours towards publications are also engaging. There are four works in progress—“Saffron Road,” about my walking experiences, a book of poems I’ve compiled, a collection of scripts I’ve written over the years, detailing Vedic tales, and the most recent is an e-book, which is very much in the embryonic stage, “Krishna in the Maple Leaf.” It is exciting for me and it has required juggling my hours to fit it all in.


Heat is consistently a reality here and it continuously pushes me to evening walks. This night I sauntered along to Cabbagetown and sat at Allen Garden’s edge, recalling the older golden days of early Krishna Consciousness. It was never the greatest neighborhood—a wino district—when we secured the 187 Gerrard Street house for a temple. The area is, however, changing and taking on a new face.


Anyway, I imagine most people in their 60s really flashback to an interesting past. It becomes rather personal. Also very sweet on today’s list was the unofficial opening of a switchback ramp at our Ramsden Park across the street. This rustic iron structure will now accommodate the handicapped and elderly from what were formerly agonizing steep-like climbs.


A genuine walker will admire something like this.


May the Source be with you!

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