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Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

Toronto, Ontario

A Walk Talk

Cathy was the dental assistant who looked after my teeth, for a cleaning and check-up.  Before taking photos of the keyboard in my mouth, and the scraping and flossing, we chatted.

I told Cathy my appointment was delayed, and then delayed again, due to the frequent flying trips and the summer walk half-way across America.

“That’s amazing!” said Cathy.

“Four times Canada, and a few other countries, including Ireland and Israel….”

“Well, this summer, a friend and I walked one day, a total of 47.5 km (29.5 mi).  We went along Yonge Street from Newmarket through downtown Toronto to the lake.”

“That’s great, Cathy.”

“We weren’t really prepared.  The rain came down pretty hard mid-way into the walk.  I had good shoes though.  We got sore legs in the process.”

“What was your cause?” I asked.

“My friend was raising awareness for cancer.  And your cause?”

“I do all these walks to promote introspective lifestyle; to take care of body and soul together.”

The dentist came to inspect my mouth.  I’m embarrassed.  I’ve neglected my teeth for some years.  I always brushed but it takes more for good maintenance.  Cathy told him of my walking expeditions.

“Oh!  What for?” he asked.

“It’s always for friend-raising, not fund-raising.  You get to meet people; inspire and get inspired,” I said.  And, of course, I was happy to meet Cathy.

May the Source be with you!

6 km

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