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Thursday, December 29th, 2016

Toronto, Ontario

Cops are Tops

Temperatures hover  around the zero degree mark these days.  You have a combination of slush, ice, snow and bare spots.  You must keep your eyes open.  Under the CPR train tracks, the sidewalk was clear of all that interesting stuff.  This is at Yonge and Davisville where a popular liquor store operates right under the train cargo route.  I often frequent this area.

Today, one lost soul (I can say that because he was) asked me, “Which is the way to the closest Tim Hortons?”

I had to admit that I wasn’t quite sure.  In Canada, Tim Hortons, which caters to the donut, sandwich and coffee crowd, has locations from coast to coast.  It’s the meeting place for many, and the stereotype location for police to hang out and grab a donut.  People say, “Donut mess with the cops!”

And I do see police, today.  While in their patrol car at a street juncture, I got the sense they were gawking at me.  I had plain clothes on.  Slush, ice and snow don’t take kindly to our robes, the dhotis especially.  Other people were there waiting for the lights to change to green, but it seemed like the officers’ eyes were on me alone.  But perhaps that’s what everyone thinks. They’re looking at me.  I better behave.
From that perspective, I think it’s healthy.  The Ontario police have the policy “to serve and protect.”  I believe that. But, wait a minute, perhaps they took me for a donut!  I was wearing the colours—some browns—and maybe that was the reason for the stare.

But seriously, I meet police all the time, mostly on the long walks.  They are 98% good with me.  The cops are tops!

May the Source be with you!

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