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Thursday, January 12th, 2017

Enmore, Guyana

Back in Guyana

Pom is the national dish of Suriname which was adapted from the Jewish community.  Extra features were added by the South East Asians with paneer and Indian spices.  At my request, they left out the standard ingredient, orange.  Thank you.  It was delicious as a savory of sorts.

Brhat and I finished our stay in Suriname and we flew to our next destination.  As we flew over the rainforest, it conjured up wonder in the mind.  The place must be teaming with energy.  The last time our plane descended, ready for a landing, a co-passenger said to me, “Look at those trees below.  Makes me think of Jonestown and drinking the Kool-Aid.”

I didn’t want to say to him that’s not the happiest reminder to come up with.  For me, Guyana means nice and simple people.  It means “get yourself ready for padayatra.”

Padayatra is the festival that is on foot, accompanied by drum beats and mantras.  A classy-looking cart with deities of Chaitanya and Nityananda, masters of the art of kirtan, are set inside.  The cart is pulled along the streets with a chanting band in front.  That’s where Brihat and I fit in.  He and I led some of the kirtans as we made our way through the residential streets, along canals in Enmore, through a prominently Hindu neighbourhood.

People are very responsive here.  They received small packets of prasadam from our walking crew and invites to the local pandal (tent program) to be held in the neighbourhood that evening.  It’s great to see people walking, singing, and giving out mercy.

May the Source be with you!

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